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Freedom and Equity

A Liberal/Libertarian Discussion Forum

Freedom and Equity: Liberal/Libertarian Discussion
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This a place for Libertarians--of all varieties from anarcho-capitalists to minarchists to Left Libertarians--to engage in civil discussion about shared values with people of the Left. The moderators hear feel like Libertarians and liberals have far more to teach each other than the "Traditional" coalition of Libertarians with conservatives.

Eight years of big government conservatism should lead to a re-thinking of traditional alliances within North American politics. We believe that Liberals--socialists, Democrats, and others--and Libertarians share a common heritage in classical liberalism of the late Enlightenment and only statist Marxism ended that. After the end of the Cold War, we should have looked at each other more closely, but exploring decentralization and the problems of corporatism were not as obvious as they are twenty years later.

Well, there may be irreconcilable values differences in certain key areas between liberals and Libertarians, we need to discuss these out and understand why the "classical liberal" tradition split, in both Europe and North America.

We also wish to be a safe place for people who pull from both Liberal and Libertarian ideologies to discuss things with both sides.

We ask that you be respectful in disagreements because there will be many.